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Aloka supports two preschools with children aged three to six years old. The provision of guidance and care prior to formal schooling enables parents to engage in regular employment, ensuring a stable income.

At the WERALLANA location, there has been a temple kindergarten since 2017, with 29 children lovingly supervised by Mrs. Shashilla. This kindergarten is exclusively funded and sustained by our sponsor, Birgit Steiner, through her organization Umdenkerei.

Recently, a new kindergarten named 'Ekamuthu Preschool' has been established at the AMARASENA location. Currently, it serves 15 children and is led by Mrs. Somalatha and Mrs. Manel, both having extensive pedagogical experience. With the help of donations, we were able to renovate the kindergarten (painting, renewal of toys and books, etc.) to provide a safe environment.

Would you like to be part of a developmental journey for yourself and a child? Become a sponsor of a kindergarten child. By contributing 15€ per month, you can support a child, including providing a food package.

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Kindergarten Werallana
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Aloka supports three afternoon care facilities where English is taught. Through the English classes, we promote the children's development and facilitate their transition into further education.


The GALAGODA location was established as the first project in 2013. Currently, approximately 100 children attend the facility. Mrs. Sigethi and Mrs. Maheshi are experienced teachers who are always motivated to try new approaches and foster the children's growth.


At the WERALLANA location, we currently provide care for 96 children. This facility was built in 2017. Mrs. Dulari has been there from the beginning and is an excellent English teacher.


The PINKANDA location is taught by Mrs. Chammi. All 23 children there are of primary school age. Since March 2022, Aloka has also been offering computer classes at the PINKANDA location, catering to both beginners and advanced students. Mrs. Nadeesha has extensive knowledge in the IT industry, and with the advancing digitalization, it is essential to create new opportunities for future prospects.


New children join the program regularly, while older children leave for their further educational journey or to continue learning in one of our vocational training workshops. Therefore, we are always looking for new sponsors for new children. With a monthly contribution of 30€, you can support a child and provide them with better prospects for education and employment.

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Aloka has set the goal of supporting young people in their education and opportunities. For this purpose, vocational training workshops have been established.


The first vocational training workshop was established in 2019 through a charity concert held at Schloss St. Martin, organized by Honorary Consul Edith Hornig, in support of Aloka and the Sinhala New Year. The sewing workshop at the PINKANDA location is led by Mrs. Maheshi. As a trained tailor, she imparts her knowledge to young women and men, empowering them to be more self-reliant. A new course with approximately 10 young women and men starts every three months.


Since July 2022, thanks to the generous donation from Edith Hornig and the SI Graz Club Robin, a bakery vocational training workshop has been established. It is led by Mrs. Dedunu at the KUMARAKANDA location. This four-month course covers the production of various sweet and savory pastries, including wedding cakes, themed cakes, and decoration techniques. The famous 'Viennese Apple Strudel' is already in the curriculum and is diligently baked and sold. This ensures additional income for young women and men after completing the course.


The products made in these workshops are partially sold after production to contribute to the project's funding. However, it is through your donations that we can recruit new young people and provide them with further education opportunities. If you would like to be part of this project, you can contribute through your donation.

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Bakery Class
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Aloka Schneiderei


Aloka Animal Care Center aims to ensure and improve the care of stray animals in Sri Lanka. Our goal is to provide medical care, sterilizations, vaccinations, feeding, and other services.


In Hikkaduwa and its surroundings, there are many stray animals in need of medical care, food, and, most importantly, sterilizations to control their population. The Aloka Animal Care Center will be able to meet the needs of these animals while also strengthening the relationship between the community and the center. By taking in sick animals and releasing them back into their habitat after receiving basic care, we distinguish ourselves from other animal welfare organizations. The most sustainable form of animal welfare is population control and proper care.


Additionally, the center will provide an opportunity for people who cannot afford to care for a pet to receive free medical services for their animals. Through collaboration with Aloka Children Development, the center will not only fulfill the needs of the animals but also support the community in Hikkaduwa. With our strong connections and network, we have the necessary support to make this project a reality. Involving community members will ensure their direct involvement in the care and welfare of animals, thereby strengthening awareness of animal rights and needs. Furthermore, the project aims to create new job opportunities and pursue animal care as a vocational training program within Aloka.


By offering animal sponsorships, people from anywhere can establish a connection and provide support. Through monthly recurring donations, the project can be sustained in the long term.


Currently, the project is still in the planning phase. To finance the start of this project, we need your help. We will soon launch a fundraising campaign to bring Animal Care to life. If you want to be part of this project and don't want to wait, we appreciate your donation.

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The project aims to create a new girls' and women's center in Sri Lanka, providing a discreet environment that serves as a resource for victims of domestic violence and as an information and awareness center. It will offer protection, support, and access to medical assistance for young women.


Our team will consist of experienced female professionals, including doctors, who will support and accompany the young women. We will ensure that the project meets the needs of the community and maintains close communication with relevant authorities. The facility will also help young women become independent and self-sufficient, providing a safe space for discussions.


Some of the requirements for the center include:


  • Accommodation for emergency cases, including security personnel if needed

  • Close collaboration with local organizations and authorities

  • Weekly consultations with doctors and relevant female professionals

  • Awareness programs

  • Provision of hygiene and contraception materials

  • Referral to medical facilities, contact information, and financial assistance

  • Gender counseling


Additionally, the center will provide an opportunity for individuals with relevant backgrounds to participate in a social year program with Aloka in Sri Lanka.

The project is intended to be sustained solely through donations. Currently, it is in the implementation phase, thanks to a generous donation of €10,000, and our team is actively working on finalizing contracts for the suitable rental property that has already been identified. In order to maintain discretion, we will not be publishing details about this location on our website or in any other media. We kindly request your understanding and express our gratitude for your trust

We rely on your support for the maintenance and monthly expenses of the center.




Here, we would like to give you an insight into some of our special projects that we carry out with great passion and dedication. Our diverse initiatives aim to improve the lives of others and provide support in difficult situations.


Monthly food parcels:

We now distribute over 2000kg of food packages per month. These packages include essential food items and other necessities such as hygiene products. With these food packages, we create a secure framework for the basic needs of over 300 children and their families.


Bathrooms for the temple in Werallana:

In collaboration with the local community, we have worked to provide bathrooms for the temple in Werallana. We firmly believe that everyone should have access to clean sanitary facilities. By fulfilling this basic necessity, we improve the living conditions of the people in the area and promote their health and hygiene.


Medical care and transportation assistance:

We are committed to supporting people who have limited access to medical care. As part of this effort, we provide much-needed medication and facilitate medical transportation for those in need. By ensuring basic healthcare, we contribute to improving people's quality of life and well-being.


School supplies and support for an English class:

In Deniyaya, we supported a school that lacked space for an English class. An extremely dedicated teacher, Mrs. Harshani, created an outdoor classroom with her students. Education is the key to the development of young people, and we are proud to provide them with the opportunity to learn English and expand their skills. By providing school supplies, we aim to enhance their educational opportunities and broaden their future prospects.


Assistance for individuals in difficult situations:

We also support individuals who find themselves in challenging life situations. This includes home repairs, financial assistance for funeral expenses, and the construction of small houses. We aim to support these individuals in their unique challenges and help them lead stable and dignified lives.


Special focus on the needs of older people:

Another focus of our work is supporting older people. We firmly believe that older individuals deserve our special attention. We aim to provide them with a suitable and comfortable home where they can feel safe and secure. Within our projects, we have developed numerous assistance programs for older people, including:


  • Financial and material donations to local elderly homes

  • Support for the costs of much-needed medication

  • Assistance with medical treatments and doctor's bills to ensure they receive necessary healthcare

  • Provision of mobility aids such as wheelchairs or walking aids to promote greater independence

  • Provision of new mattresses to improve sleeping comfort


Our goal is to enable older people to live dignified and fulfilling lives, where they can share their life experience and wisdom with others. Through our diverse assistance programs, we aim to ensure that older people in our society receive the appreciation and support they deserve.


At Aloka, we firmly believe that community engagement and small gestures can make a big difference. By utilizing our resources and skills to help others, we can create positive change in the world. If you are interested in supporting our projects or would like more information, please don't hesitate to contact us. Together, we can create a better future where no one is left behind.

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Our grand vision is to provide advanced training in culinary professions for our Aloka children. We plan to establish a training hotel initially operated by our dedicated parents, with the assistance of trained professionals, eventually allowing our students to manage both the hotel and their education. Here, our youth will receive comprehensive education in the Western standards of the hotel industry, whether in service, room service, the kitchen, or at the front desk.

In the hotel lobby, we will create a 'Wall of Founders' to honor all those who make this training hotel possible. As a token of gratitude for donations of 100 euros, we offer three free nights at the training hotel after its opening (within the first five years, excluding meals and flights, non-transferable). The allocation of these donations to the training hotel is crucial as it allows us to give these valuable days away as gifts.

Our project began long before the pandemic and political crises, and it now depends on the support of a community of 2,500 people willing to contribute 100 euros each. This training hotel will make a significant contribution to the education and professional development of youth and young adults in our region. Our hotel staff will be vocational teachers and dedicated Aloka parents who will train and mentor our candidates in various hotel departments.

The hotel's funding will come from guest revenue, and the profits generated will be directed solely to our ongoing Aloka projects, making us less reliant on one-time donations. Be part of this idea that promotes education, empowerment, joy, and job opportunities in one of the world's poorest regions.

As a token of our appreciation, we offer you:

  • Mention of your name on our 'Wall of Founders' in the hotel lobby.

  • Three complimentary nights at the hotel for every 100-euro donation (within five years after the hotel's completion, subject to availability).

  • A personal photo of our children as a lasting reminder of your wonderful contribution.

Together, we can create a brighter future and provide young people with the opportunity for a promising career.

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