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ALOKA - the Enlightenment - sees itself as an educational project and provides assistance to families in Sri Lanka on-site. Full transparency. Hand in hand with a distant land. Helping and doing good. Getting to know and being able to support one's sponsored child. Promoting and challenging children. Creating a better future. Supporting girls, women, and single mothers. Discovering and promoting talents.

ALOKA was founded in 2013 by Claudia Jahns with an afternoon care program for 29 children. The organization is managed by Anita Schwab and Claudia Jahns as equal executive board members. We now care for and support around 300 children and adolescents in two kindergartens, three afternoon care programs with English classes, a computer class, and two vocational training workshops for tailoring and bakery.

The funding is solely through private donations, which also enable us to provide food and basic medical care. We now distribute over 2000 kg of food per month. This allows us to run our projects autonomously and independently. With the help of volunteers in Vienna and volunteers in Sri Lanka, our administrative expenses are currently only 2%. ALOKA is grateful for the patronage of Honorary Consul Edith Hornig, who is also a great supporter. Our success is our action.

In addition to Edith Hornig, the Club Graz Rubin of Soroptimist International, renowned lawyer Gowri Peiris, Dr. Ulrich Lanz, singer Niddl, Birgit Steiner, and many wonderful sponsors are also on board, supporting us and believing in us.

Without our local coordinator Piyal Susantha, many things would not be possible, and his constant dedication ensures smooth operations on-site.

Our children are always delighted when boundaries are overcome and personal friendships are formed. Visits by sponsored children are possible and encouraged, and project sponsors are warmly invited to learn about the planned projects on-site.

All the best
Claudia Jahns & Aloka team





Creating the future. 

Support girls, women and single mothers. 

Discover and promote talent.

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